Denial Management

Like every other field switching to automation and digitalization, claim management has also been modified due to bioinformatics healthcare research and IT solutions. Billvolt is fortunate to have been able to source such software solutions for medical practices today when the need for digitalization of healthcare is more than ever due to the pandemic response. Telehealth and other practices are making their way into the healthcare industry, and claims management has become more and more complex and time-consuming if done manually.

Billvolt Denial Management Benefits

Billvolt automates the claims management process to provide the following benefits to medical practices:

Data-Driven Denial Management

Billvolt valuable IT solution and services for the healthcare industry cover the claims management process. We automate, streamline, and simplify every step of claims management from submission to payments to provide medical practices with a comprehensive solution to minimize their costs and streamline their operations.

Electronic Claim Submission

Electronic claims management analyzes the claims and takes the inputs in real-time to identify errors in the claims and flags them for review manually. It also gives insights into why a claim has been flagged for future improvisations into claim records.

Paper Submission

Due to some reasons, sometimes paper submission of claims is needed. Billvolt experts can guide how to cleanly and conveniently submit the paper claims with the least possibility of denials, so you do not get into unpleasant patient experiences.

Late File Appeals

Missing a deadline, an essential piece of information, or a system error can result in a missed claim; however, there is always an option for late file appeals. Billvolt can help you manage the late file appeals if needed, with the best of their experience and expertise.

Claim Scrubbing

Billvolt offers useful claim scrubbing tools that check every claim for errors, missed information, and other problems resulting in a denial by health insurance companies. This tool can save time and effort and save you from the hassle of managing denial later.

Rejections and Denials

Rejections and Denials by the health insurance companies can result in delayed payments, non-payments, or missed payments. Billvolt introduces a digital solution for claim scrubbing and submission to minimize the errors in claims and save the medical practices from unfair denials and rejections and save their time and cost. In the case of denial or rejection, we have tools to record and analyze the reasons for the denial to help make better decisions to improve procedures in the future.

EFT/ ERA Setup

Our top notch enrollment team is always ready to help you set up your payments electronically with the insurances so you can be paid on time.